Circuit Blocks

This is an activity to help visitors play with circuits and electrical components. Visitors will use alligator clips to explore how to create simple circuits. It is a safe low-power activity. People often do not have a clear idea of how electricity works: they may be unsure if they can get a “shock” from battery-powered circuits. We’re using two 1.5 volt batteries together – adding up to 3 volts – very low voltage.



Electricity and Magnetism

age range



  • Power for the circuit

  • Battery – two 1.5 volt AA batteries

  • Outputs

  • Motor – with a fan blade attached

  • LED

  • Buzzer

  • Pager motor

  • Meter

  • Doorbell button

  • Washer switch

  • Ball-bearing switch

  • Potentiometer or other kind of variable resistor

  • Slider switch

  • Consumer Electricity building kits such as Little-Bits or Snap Circuits (optional)

safety issues


outdoor, indoor, trampolines, entertainment, sports, safety, design challenge, materials engineering, elasticity, physics, acceleration, experiment design; circuits


Science Museum of Minnesota