Sound Sandwich

We’ve found it has been difficult to find the right kind of activities that can give someone with limited prior knowledge, an understanding of how sound works; how vibrations in the air are what we experience as sound. The “Sound Sandwich activity is a great way to explore vibration and the different sound and pitches that can be made.

In this activity you blow across stretched rubber bands to create sound. The harder you blow, the faster the rubber bands move ( or vibrate) producing higher sounds. The slower you blow, the lower the sounds. It uses a few very inexpensive materials – possible all can be recycled from a visit to a store – and turn it into a fun and useful tool to explore and understand sound.


activity video:

Sound Sandwich


Music and Art

age range



  • Straws

  • Rubber bands (small and skinny)

  • band length and width 7/8 X 1/16

  • Rubber band (Thick and large) band length and width 3½ X ½

  • Large Craft Sticks 6” X ¾“

  • Scissors

safety issues


art and crafts, sound, invention, music


Science Museum of Minnesota