Stop Motion Animation

A fun activity that allows visitors to bring dinosaurs to life through stop motion animation. We created two panoramic illustrated backdrops of environments with flora and fauna for staging the animations. The two sets come with some DIY vegetation props and a set of detailed plastic dinosaur models. Visitors can choose to use an available smartphone with an animation app on the phone or their smart phone (after they install the free animation app) to record their animations


activity video:

Stop Motion Animation

Stop Motion Animation How-To

Stop Motion Animation Facilitation


Music and Art

age range



  • Stage for animation (this can be as simple as cardboard and paper or a well crafted panorama stage with images of flora and fauna as a setting for the animation)

  • Props &

  • Characters (plastic dinosaurs, sections of plastic grass, colored sheets of acetate for water and DIY or purchased scale trees, etc.)

  • Smart phones with Vine app installed

  • Tripods to hold smartphone in place

  • AC adaptor plug for plugging in the phone

  • Clapboard for titling videos

  • Tabletop lamp for illuminating the scene

  • Assorted colored construction paper

  • Paper towel tubes

  • Colored contact paper

  • Masking tape

  • Scissors

safety issues


Animation, Stop-motion, illusion, persistence of vision, diorama, dinorama, smart phone animation, Phi phenomenon


Science Museum of Minnesota