If you were stranded in a remote location, what problems would you face? What would you make to help solve one of those problems? Designers need to think deeply about the problems they are trying to solve. And, they often have to make do with a limited set of materials. This activity asks students to detail a compelling problem and solve it with what they have on hand.

Shadow Puppets

Using index cards, brass fasteners and wooden skewers, children make jointed shadow puppets.

Paper Plane Croquet

Participants build a paper airplane that they will use to complete different challenges in the ‘croquet’ course that has been set up using assorted items available.

Paper Rockets

Participants will use the engineering design process to create paper rockets. Then, they will use compressed air launchers to send the rocket through one of two large rings, suspended from the ceiling.
Encourage guest to build paper rockets that will eventually fly through the rings that are suspended from the ceiling. Fin/nosecone design can greatly influence the flight of a rocket; encourage guests to try different designs.