Paper Plane Croquet

Participants build a paper airplane that they will use to complete different challenges in the ‘croquet’ course that has been set up using assorted items available.


activity video:

Paper Plane Croquet


Engineering and Invention

age range



  • Paper

  • Assorted large materials to make a croquet course (garbage bins, hula hoops, boxes, etc.)

  • Paper clips

  • Scissors

  • Masking tape

  • Tutorial board for different types of paper airplanes

safety issues

Ensure that the croquet course challenges are in clearly defined areas that are clear from pedestrian traffic to avoid eye injuries from paper planes. Ensure that they croquet course is steady and will not fall down on visitors if weight is applied to them. Paper cuts may occur. Have bands aids on hand to apply to cuts. Scissors must be used with careful supervision and instruction.


open space, indoor, outdoor, design, building, engineering, testing, airplanes, crafty, aerodynamics, structures